Friday, 7 February 2014


Like a lot of teenagers, I suffer from getting lots of spots mainly on the t-zone of my face. One day I WILL have flawless skin! Every so often I like to refresh my face with a face mask just to try and cleanse pores and prevent as many spots/pimples as I can. This time I used a hot chocolate orange one that I got in my stocking this Christmas. Even though it was a present, I'm pretty sure you get these from New Look for 99p...bargain!

It's described as a melted chocolate, hot chocolate, pore cleansing sauna mask with self heating. It also says that it contains Mediterranean clay which cleanses dirt and oils from deep within pores and rich dark chocolate and orange oil which leaves skin soft and refreshed.

From the packet it seems as though there isn't much of the actual product but in actual fact there is more than enough! The consistency of the product is so thick and it literally smells and feels like your putting melted terry's chocolate orange on your face.. yum! It said to leave it on for 15 minutes but I think I left mine on for about 45 just to make the most of it. After rinsing it off my skin definitely felt noticeably softer and more refreshed. Whether it will prevent spots I am yet to find out!

What are your favourite face masks?