Sunday, 12 January 2014


The other day I decided to invest in a few Soap & Glory make up goodies as I've never actually tried any of their make up products before. I have to admit, it was mainly the packaging that drew me in, as it's so pretty and girly.. and let's face it, I'm a sucker for anything pretty and girly! Both products retail at £11, however Boots have a 'buy one get one half price deal' on so I got both for £16.50. 

The first product that I went for was the 'Solar Powder Mix And Match Multi-Shade Bronzer' which is basically a pressed powder bronzer/highlighter, in the colour Bronzo (I'm not actually sure if they make any different shades of it. As you can see the compact comes with a little mirror in it and the casing itself is really high quality. The bronzer itself isn't too dark or orange which prevents that fake tan look some bronzers can give. I have quite a pale complexion so this product just helps to make me look slightly more bronzed without over doing it. Used to contour, this product is really good for defining your cheekbones and I would definitely recommend.

The next product I chose was 'Peach Party' which is described as a multi-colour blush brick, in the shade 'Apricot Jam'. Again, the compact has a little mirror in it which is great and the casing is of high quality. I love how this blush has so many different shades as when you use one solid colour it can sometimes look a bit harsh on your cheeks. I use the paler colours as a highlight on my cheeks which really helps to contour and define my face, and the darker colours help to brighten up my pale complexion. 

I was really pleased with both of these products. I think they're quite high quality for the price that they are and I will definitely be using both of these regularly from now on.

Have any of you got any Soap & Glory make up products? If so, which one's are the best?