Monday, 3 March 2014


I can't believe I've only just discovered how amazing Ebay is for finding really nice clothes. I have bought the occasional item before but I was looking the other day and I came across so many beeeautiful dresses. In particular, this Kylie Jenner inspired dress caught my eye as I'm a huge fan of her style and just her in general really! Since it was only £11.99 (+ £1.99 for postage) I couldn't resist it! I didn't expect it to come mega quick but I had it by the next day which I was really pleased with. And if there's one plus to internet shopping it's that there's nothing quite as exciting as a parcel addressed to you being delivered... anyone else agree?

I do apologise for the ridiculous amount of posey pictures but I like to take a few just in case most of them turn out wrong! As you can probably see from the pictures, the dress is really pretty and it's something you can definitely dress up or down. The material quality of it isn't the best but that's to be expected from a dress that only costed £11.99. I like to ruffle the dress up a bit so it's not too long, but if I was going to a more formal event I would probably wear it the full length. 

Here's a link to the dress if any of you are interested.