Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Not this Friday, but the next is my 18th Birthday party eeeek! My birthday is actually on the Wednesday before but I don't think partying on a school night would be such a good idea! I'm having a meal with 9 of my friends and then we're going to have drinks. We'll probably also do some super cool dancing since there's going to be a DJ.. I'm so excited! 

Anyway, the theme for it is formal so I needed to find a new dress. I got a bit stressed out trying to find the right one since I can be a bit fussy, but I always think when in doubt, go for a black dress. I love black dresses just because I think black is so much more flattering than wearing other colours. I found this one in Topshop and it's a fairly simple bodycon dress with a high neck, which I think looks really nice. I also got a triangle-y necklace from Topshop to go with it.

I've also bought a different black dress from Asos which I will do another post about, since that's another option that I could wear for my party. 

What's your go-to style of dress?