Sunday, 23 March 2014


I don't think I've done a beauty wishlist blog post before but there's quite a few beauty items/products I want at the moment!

1. ghd IV Pastels Jade Styler, £95, - I already have some ghd hair straighteners but to be honest, I think I've used them to death and it's time for some new ones! I really like these ones because they're in a really pretty pastel green colour.

2. Lipstick in the colour 'Saint', £8, TOPSHOP - I don't really wear lipstick very often but this colour is really pretty and will just add a pinky tint which wont look too out there.

3. Nail polish in 'Rock The Boat', £10.95, - As always, pastel nail colours and my favourite and I think this blue-ish-lilac colour is so pretty.

4. Tangle Teezer Original Pink Fizz, £10, - I swear every beauty blogger has a tangle teaser except me! I've heard so much good stuff about them so I need one in my life. Plus this one is pink so it's even better!

5. NARS Powder Foundation, £32, - I mainly stick to high street make up brands like Rimmel and stuff, but I really want to try a foundation powder from a higher end brand just to see whether it's really worth the extra price.

6. Vaseline Spray To Go Total Moisture Moisturiser, £4.99, - I own lots of moisturisers but I hardly ever get round to moisturising just because it's time consuming and leaves you with that greasy feeling! This really appeals to me though, as you just simply spray it on and your done. 

If any of you liked the look of the HairTrade products, please click this link to check out their site (I'd really appreciate it as it will help me with a competition!). They sell all things for your hair, from all different well known brands.