Wednesday, 25 June 2014


When it comes to fragrances, my all time favourite has to be Chanel perfumes. Okay they may not be the cheapest of perfumes, but I can honestly say they are so so worth the extra cost. They just smell incredible. They actually smell like they are expensive..anyone get what I mean?!

At the moment I've been using Chanel Coco Mademoiselle which I got for my birthday. As you can probably see from the pictures, mine is the twist and spray version rather than just one big bottle. In the little box, you get the little white perfume dispenser which I love because it has the Chanel logo on the top. And then you get two little refill bottles. This is so useful when on the go as it doesn't take up much room in your bag and saves from having to carry round a big bottle of perfume.

The fragrance is perfect for this season as it's quite a fresh scent. By this I mean it doesn't have a vanilla-y smell at all. It's more floral, but not that over powering/granny-ish floral that's tends to be really sickly. I would describe it as smelling really elegant and chic which sounds a bit strange since it's a scent, but if you smell it, it will probably make more sense! 

I can see this fragrance being one that I will continue to re-purchase over the years, as I never seem to get bored or used to it like other fragrances. 

Do any of you have the Coco Mademoiselle perfume?