Tuesday, 1 July 2014


I've got to the end of my Lush product collection *cries*. No doubt I'll be stocking up soon though! The last product I used was the Space girl bath bomb which is described as a space dust filled bath bomb with a sweet and fruity fragrance. It's also supposed to have some popping candy in it which pops as you add it to your bath. Unfortunately I couldn't hear much popping but maybe that's because I had the taps violently running...I'm just never patient enough to wait until I've turned the taps off!

The thing I loved about this bath bomb was the little hint of glitter it left in the water. It wasn't so much that it leaves you looking like a vampire when you get out, but just enough to make the bath look pretty. The red and the blue colours in the bath bomb swirled and made the bath go a lovely purple colour which I also quite liked. 

The Space Girl bath bomb smelt a bit grapefruit-y which is expected since it contains grapefruit oil. The grapefruit oil as well as almond and bergamot oil (which it also contains) is meant to be restoring, uplifting for the mood and is meant to clarify your skin. I can't say I noticed any difference to my mood, but my skin definitely felt nice and soft after a long soak. 

Have any of you tried the Space Girl bath bomb?