Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I went shopping yesterday with my sister and picked up a few new clothes. I haven't really been a fan of h&m at the moment, but after going in yesterday, I now love it! They have such a good range of basics and they're so cheap. Like Primark prices, but so much better quality and a nicer range. I don't normally like tops with writing on, but this one caught my eye. Something about the font and the fact it says 'Chic' (love that word), drew me in. Plus is was only £9.99 so why not?! 

I also went into Miss Selfridge yesterday. I love Miss Selfridge mainly because It's one of the few shops that have a Petite range. They have so many lovely skirts and skorts at the moment, so it's definitely worth a look. I chose this monochrome print one because you can never really go wrong with monochrome. I was in the shop for ageeeees deciding which one to buy though.. quite a regular thing for me AKA Miss indecisive.

Top - H&M 
Skort - Miss Selfridge 
Shoes - Topshop