Monday, 24 November 2014


Pretty much exactly this time last year I was writing a blog post about One Directions 'new album', Midnight Memories. Now another year has flown by (seriously where did the year go?!) and I'm writing about their most recent album release, Four. I've been a huge fan of them since they started (since Torn) so I always get quite excited about their album releases.

Once again, One Direction have failed to disappoint me. I love the album and I don't actually think there's a song I dislike. I love how they always have a mix of fast and slow songs. And omg their voices, THE FEELS!

My favourite tracks on the album are Night Changes, Fireproof, Act My Age and Steal My Girl. Act My Age just makes me want to get up and dance (if you haven't heard it, listen now!) and Night Changes makes me so emosh. Partly because of how perfect the video is. My life goal is now to go on an ice skating date with Harry. I DON'T CARE IF I BREAK MY ANKLE.

Oh and if you're planning on buying the album, make sure you buy the deluxe version! It has 4 extra songs on it and the CD comes in a little booklet with pictures and a message from them. So it's definitely worth it!

What's your favourite song on the album? (if you've had a listen)

Sunday, 23 November 2014


Nothing exciting really but I got some new shorts from Topshop and I absolutely love them. They've got a lovely autumnal leaf & bird print, with a bit of black lace peeking out the bottom. I actually included these shorts in a 'Topshop Wish List' post I did a bit ago.

I hope you're all having a nice Sunday! And if you fancy winning a MAC lipstick of your choice, remember to check out my giveaway here!

Top -*
Shorts - Topshop
Boots -*

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Let me introduce you to the new #LIPHUG lipsticks at £2.50 each. I have been using the #LIPHUG lipstick in the shade 'Keeps The Planet Spinning'*.. I always like it when products have a nice name. It just sort of adds to it.

The colour is super vibrant and a little does actually go a long way. It is long lasting as I find that even when I tried to remove the lipstick it was quite difficult to actually completely remove the colour.

Now for the negatives. As you can probably see from the picture, the actual lipstick pen thingy isn't like your regular lipsticks. The tip of it is flat and circular making it quite tricky to apply. I had quite a struggle to be honest! Another thing is that from the picture on the website and on the outside of the lipstick, it looks like the 'Keep The Planet Spinning' shade is quite plum. In reality it's more of a slightly berry toned pink. It's a tad misleading, so maybe be careful if you're wanting to buy quite a specific shade.

Have any of you tried the #LIPHUG lipsticks?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's Time To Prime

I have been trying out the Makeup Revolution face base primer as well as their focus and fix eye primer and I'm pretty impressed.

Okay so I'll start with the Face Base primer. The primer itself is a super light gel consistency which is great because the last thing you want to put on your face is something thick that's going to make your make up go all cake-y. It's super smooth and I just apply it to the areas where I apply the most foundation e.g. under my eyes, the nose area, my chin and my forehead. The primer gel feels quite hydrating on the skin (perfect for my dry skin) and as soon as I put it on, it completely smoothes the skin out to create an even base. Then when I apply my foundation it looks so much more flawless and actually lasts for almost a day rather than just a few hours. 

Now for the the Focus and Fix eye primer. This stuff basically looks like a concealer and I've just been applying a thin amount over my eye lids before putting on any eyeshadow. It has a sponge applicator that makes it super easy to apply. The product sets really quickly and really helps my eyeshadow last longer/look more vibrant.

I am aware that I don't really have any other primer products to compare these with but I was still pretty happy with the results from using them!

What's your favourite primer?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I don't know about you but when it comes to shopping for girls for Christmas I find it somewhat easy. I mean there's so many things that girls like.. clothes, bags, make up, shoes, accessories, bath goodies etc. The list is endless! Then it comes to shopping for boys and my mind usually goes blank.

Rather than going for the good old (but kind of boring) pair of socks, a gift for men that I think you can never really go wrong with is a nice mens fragrance set. Even if you don't know what fragrances they like, as long as you pick a well known brand it will probably be fine.. men definitely aren't as fussy as women when it comes to fragrances! 

For my brother this year, I'm going to give him the Calvin Klein Eternity set*. It comes with the fragrance and the matching shower shower gel all in a nice box. I got mine from The House Of Fraser here. They have lots of other nice mens gift sets too, so it's worth a look if you're stuck on what to buy! My brother is always dowsing himself with perfume so I'm pretty sure he'll like it. Plus it saves me from the 'what if he doesn't like it?!' worry that you get when you buy risky presents. Risky presents are always fun too though!

Of course I still have more mens presents to buy. So I created a little list of other good gift ideas;
- A subscription to his favourite magazine
- A watch
- A belt
- Tickets to see his favourite band/singer/comedian
- A recipe book (if he's into cooking)
- Self stirring mug/USB coffee mug warmer (If they like coffee/tea)
- A game for whatever games console he has (If he has one)
- And of course, some cool socks ;)
- Posters
- A canvas picture
- American candy
- His favourite TV series box set

What Christmas presents are you buying for the men in your life this year?

Monday, 17 November 2014


Everyone has those few basic products that they just couldn't live without. Well I know I do anyway! 

Tesco Everyday Value Face Wipes | These are SO cheap (I think something like 46p) and they're just your standard facial wipes. I find they're great for just quickly removing make up.. when I can't be bothered to cleanse properly! 

Soap & Glory, The Righteous Butter Body Lotion | This has been one of my favourites for a while. It's a body butter but not quite as thick as it's a lotion. Does that even make sense?! Anyway it smells amazing, so fresh and clean. And as I've mentioned before I get super dry skin, so this helps with that.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid | Hand sanitizer is always a must! I'm not a super clean freak or anything but when you're out it's always nice to give your hands a little refresh.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter | I can't go half a day without applying lip balm at some point. Honestly I have the worlds driest lips (as well as skin *sigh*). Vaseline has always been my fave lip balm and this one smells of chocolate so it doesn't get much better!

One Direction Our Moment Fragrance | I go through phases with different perfumes but at the moment i'm loving the fresh scent of this one. I know One Direction have their new fragrance out now and I'm dying to try it!

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo | I'm always using some kind of dry shampoo and at the moment it's this Herbal Essences one. I did a post all about it here. Dry shampoo is a saviour for those days your hair kind of needs to be washed but you don't have the time.

What are your basic essentials?

Sunday, 16 November 2014


You may have read the title of this and though what on earth is Rachel talking about? Well anyway, I thought I would make a post about how I'm 'going to University' without actually having to go. 

For some people, University life really appeals and I understand that. But for others (including myself), Uni life just isn't my cup of tea. I did a post before on changing my mind about actually going to University. You can read that here.

The problem is that some people (including myself again!), still want to do a degree. It really annoys me how they didn't actually mention this at all during my time at Sixth Form, but various Universities allows you to study for a degree online from home. I'm currently studying BA (Hons) Business and Marketing at the University of Essex Online and I'm really enjoying it. 

Of course there are always going to be pro's and con's...


- Flexible so I can choose when I want to study and fit it round my life

- You're able to work full time at the same time (I know you can still work when you're at Uni, but it's just more difficult to fit it round lectures and you won't be able to work full time 

- You can get relevant work experience/an internship at the same time (I'm looking into getting some digital marketing experience at the moment)

- I'm still living at home so I currently have no accommodation/food expenses.. I can still buy clothes and make up!.. and I still get to eat nice food at the same time ;) (I'm not a pot noodle fan!)

- Distance learning is cheaper than your typical degree which means less debt

- I get to keep my own lovely bedroom and still have home comforts e.g. baths, washing machine, rather than living in a tiny box room in halls

- I'm not tied down to one place. I could move anywhere in the world and I would still be able to study (as long as I had internet connection of course).


- Studying from home is a lot less sociable. I could easily just end up sat in a room on my own all day!

- May miss out on exciting opportunities such as trips related to your course

- There may be more job opportunities in cities near Universities

- You don't get to experience living in a city (this point and the point above this are irrelevant if you already live in a city)

- You don't get to experience 'student life' (I know for some, this is important!)

- You don't get as much freedom when you're living away from home and having to do everything for yourself

For me the pro's of distance learning outweigh the con's by a mile! For others, the idea of experiencing 'student life' may be your main priority. I hope this post is helpful for anyone at sixth form/college looking at what options they're able to do next, or maybe even someone who is already working full time but would like the chance to get a degree and progress further in their career.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Well Christmas is coming, and that means lots more celebrations, get together's and parties! I can't be the only one thinking that it's important to find the perfect Christmas party shoe! For me, It's all about the sparkle and glitz. Christmas is the one time of year that you can over do it with the glitter.. so why not make the most of it?! here are a few of my favourites...

1 | Beige snake print leather platforms | River Island | £85
2 | Lana platforms | Topshop | £55
3 | Madrid glitter wedge | Miss Selfridge | £45
4 | Faux rabbit fur sandal | Topshop | £60
5 | Black embellished block heel sandals | River Island | £65
6 | Gloss sandals | Kurt Geiger | £208.. yikes! :O
7 | Black glitter peep toe platform | River Island | £60
8 | High heeled ankle strap sandal | Zara | £51

Which is your favourite pair?

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I'm loving wearing all different shades of lipstick at the moment. Miss Sporty recently released their new range of liquid lipsticks (Liquid Lipstick Millionaire*) and I've been trying out all the shades in the range. I love the idea of a liquid lipstick because regular matte lipsticks can sometimes go quite dry and gammy. Liquid lipsticks are great because they add solid colour, as well as a glossy finish.

The shades I'm wearing in the photo's go in this order; Violet Cash, Full Peach, Royal Plum, Starlight Pink, Fuchsia Crush, Pink Flush. All the colours are super super vibrant and pigmented. Something I wasn't actually expecting from an inexpensive brand like Miss Sporty. Yes, they do need to be topped up fairly often to keep up the solid colour, but to be honest, I find that's the case with all glossy lip products! Since I'm always a fan of products that smell nice, I thought I would just mention that the glosses have a faint fruity smell, but it's not over powering and sickly.

Have any of you tried these liquid lipsticks?

Saturday, 8 November 2014


My hair is so annoying. One second it looks okay..usually when I'm staying in and no-ones going to see it. And the next minute it looks so limp and lifeless.. basically every time I leave the house. Other people have this problem too right?

Because of my lacking in life hair, I'm always on the hunt for new volumising products to try. My latest volumising product use has been the Pantene volume and body hairspray & mousse.

So did they work..? Okay, so first I tried the mousse. On the back of the mousse sprayer (I don't know what they're called!) it says to spray some of the mousse into your hand and then smooth it into towel dried hair. I work a good amount into my hair and then blow dry as normal. To be honest, it doesn't make a HUGE difference, but it does make my hair that slightly 'bigger' than it normally would be before styling. It also smelt quite nice! The only down side was that it leaves a slightly sticky feeling in my hair. Maybe I just use a bit too much?

The definite winner out of the two products is the hair spray. Probably my favourite hair spray that I've ever used! It's a much lighter consistency than regular hairspray, so you don't get that awful crispiness (unless you were to put LOADS on). It still holds my hair in the style that I want it to, it just needs to be applied a bit more often. I don't mind that if it means no crispiness though!. On top of that, it adds/holds volume in your hair at the same time. Sort of like what dry shampoo does. So it's basically like two products in one. Brilliant!

Have ay of your tried the Pantene Volume & Body products?

Friday, 7 November 2014


Recently, I received a 15ml tester of the Elizabeth Arden cream which I was quite excited about. To be honest, I wouldn't normally spend £26 on a skin care product (unless I new for sure it was going to be amazing). There's a lot of hype around this product, so I was eager to test it out!

This product has a variety of things it can be used for, which is pretty good since it's so expensive. I possibly have the driest skin known to man (seriously it's awful), so I've mainly been using it for that. I like to apply a tiny amount to any dry patches on my skin, and I find it does help to hydrate the skin. The only drawback is that I find the formulation slightly too thick, so it can seem a bit greasy and cake-y on the skin if you accidentally use too much.

The great thing about this product is that a little goes a very long way. Even though the 15ml tube is small, it's lasted for ages! You literally only need to apply a tiny pea sized amount to any dry areas of skin. The product itself isn't actually a cream, as the name implies. It's more of a gel. The scent of the product is quite medicinal, which may not to be to everyones liking. I'm not keen on the scent, but when something smells medicinal, I always get the feeling that it's going to work better. Anyone with me? Anyway, 

I also love to use this on my lips as a lip balm. The cold winter weather makes my lips get super chapped and dry. I find it instantly moisturises my lips, as well as adding a lovely glossy shine. Eight hour cream can also be used to tame your eyebrows, moisten hands (although it might be a bit greasy), add a glisten to cheek bones and eye lids, and to condition cuticles. The list goes on!

Overall, I'd probably say the product is great for dry skin, but is possibly a bit overpriced considering the amount of cheaper alternatives on the high street. However, it is incredibly versatile, and a tube lasts for what seems like forever, so you could argue that it's worth the price?

Do any of you use Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream?

Thursday, 6 November 2014


As I've mentioned before, dry shampoo is one of those products I just couldn't live without. I don't understand how I ever lived without it before?! I do tend to stick to Batiste, but I spotted this 'Girlz Only' brand in Tesco, on offer for only £1. Since it seems to be a cheap brand, I wasn't expecting anything amazing, but I was actually surprised by how good it was! I would actually say it's slightly better than the noticeably more expensive Batiste.

A little goes a very long way with this dry shampoo. With just a small spritz, my hair felt instantly refreshed and soft. Not only that, but it really does add a lot of volume to your hair. The weird thing is that at first, it doesn't seem like it's made any difference volume wise. But after about half an hour, you suddenly realise your hair has a little extra oomph to it. 

Now for the down sides...As I said before, a little goes a long way. It's quite easy to over do it with this dry shampoo, and you have to be careful before it becomes a bit 'cakey' on your hair. The spray itself smells quite nice and does give your hair a nice fresh scent. If sprayed too much, too often though, the smell can become a bit too much..(if you get what I mean). 

I know that there are a few different dry shampoos from this brand (this one is the 'Party Nights' edition) to try out, so I will be on the look out for those..although I'm guessing they're just the same but with a different scent?

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


The lovely Gemma from Lipsticks and Lashes held a blog giveaway to win an item from her Etsy jewellery shop, 'Pearl Divine'. I was lucky enough to actually win the competition! EEEEEEK!

It was tricky to decide which piece of jewellery I wanted, but I decided to go with the Silver Pearls necklace, as the simple design and silver colour means it goes with pretty much anything. The necklace came in the cutest packaging. A little pink and white striped bag with a logo sticker and little heart stickers. Yes, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging! 

The necklace itself is gorgeous. It feels and looks so high quality, and the simplicity of it makes it look stylish and modern. I will definitely be wearing this a lot.

Gemma also sent me a lovely card with the saying 'live for today, laugh every day, love always' on it. A great little reminder and It made me smile! THANK YOU GEMMA!

Twitter: @ShopPearlDivine

Tuesday, 4 November 2014


So now that it's November, I'm aloud to start talking about Christmas.. right? Well I'm going to talk about it anyway! Next month is December and you have no idea how excited that makes me. Fellow Christmas lovers will know exactly what I mean! It's by far the best time of the year..or the 'most wonderful'. As you can see i've made a little Christmas inspo mood board. I definitely need to find the perfect Christmas jumper to wear this year. New Look seem to have the nicest ones!

Here are some of my favourite things about the Christmas season...

Christmas films
Christmas lights
Christmas jumpers
Christmas songs
Christmas food
Starbucks winter drinks
Christmas shopping
The Christmas cookie Yankee candle (It smells like cake)
Christmas socks
and of course PRESENTS..(I'm not going to try and pretend that I don't care about the presents!) 

What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

Monday, 3 November 2014


I know I only just got some flat Chelsea boots, but I just couldn't not get these. I love wearing heeled Chelsea boots. Maybe because they make me feel like I'm strutting the streets of Chelsea? ;).. but also because they look cool. The word cool is still cool right?

These were only £24.99 from H&M, which I think is amazing for a pair of really sturdy boots. Honestly, they're SUCH good quality for the price. If I didn't know where these were from, I would probably guess Topshop/River Island. Because of the big chunky platform, they're super comfortable wear and I could probably get away with being able to wear them out all day.