Saturday, 27 December 2014


I'm not normally a big watch wearer but how pretty is this one from Daniel Wellington?! It's called the Classic St Andrews watch and I chose to have the metal parts in rose gold since I'm just obsessed with rose gold at the moment.

I absolutely love the simple and modern (even though it's got the word classic in the name haha) look it's got going on. It's simple enough that it goes with everything, yet with the face being quite big it still adds a noticeable statement accessory to your outfit. The strap is made of genuine leather and it feels super sturdy. It was actually a little struggle to get it to bend properly round my wrist at first!

I was lucky enough to be sent this watch from Daniel Wellington. I admit that normally I would go for a cheaper option of watch (which I have done in the past) which have usually ended up breaking or getting knocked and looking scratty. Or they're just not very comfy to wear! If you're a regular watch wearer looking for a watch that will actually last, I honestly think that it would be worth investing a bit more. After wearing this watch for a bit I can definitely tell the difference in quality when compared with my cheap Topshop one that looks very similar!