Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Trinité Village

The other day I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely goodies from Trinité Village to try out. Trinité Village are a company that specialise in vegetarian and vegan soaps, bath melts and candles. Everything is made by hand and looks super pretty and cute. It's similar to Lush but the products are a bit different which I think is nice because I always like to try out new things.

When the parcel arrived I opened it and I was overwhelmed by the amazing smell of the products. Honestly they smell AMAZING! And as you can see from the pictures they come wrapped in tissue paper and string. Pretty packaging is always a winner in my eyes!

Here's what I thought of the products..

Snowball Bath Fizzer

As you can see from the picture, the fizzer is super glittery so it made my bath go all sparkly and pretty. It also just added such a nice refreshing fragrance to the bathroom. Perfect for a nice unwinding bath after a stressful day! 

Robin Bath Mallow

Next I tried out a bath mallow. The one I received had the most adorable little Robin on it. It almost felt too cute to actually use!.. but I fancied a relaxing bath and this was calling me..
Once I put it in my bath, it took quite a while to completely dissolve but when it did, it was so nice! My bath went pale pink with white swirls and filled with glitter and little sparkly stars. Not only did it look amazing but the water changed consistency and felt so silky and moisturising. Not to mention the amazing sweet smell that filled the bathroom.

Lemon Sherbet Bath Bomb

It's basically a super fresh smelling, white and yellow bath bomb with a little square pattern on the top. As soon as I put it into my bath, it fizzed like crazy.. crazier than regular bath bombs, and the lovely refreshing smell filled the bathroom! The colour of the water didn't change too much which is something I normally like from a bath bomb, but I think the amazing smell made up for that. Anyway, I really enjoyed my bath and definitely felt nice and relaxed afterwards. I could do with an endless supply of these!

Slice Of Soap

Before I talk about how much I love the product, can we just talk about how pretty it is. I mean it's baby and barbie pink with little chunks and sparkles. It also smells UHHHMAAZING. Think super sweet strawberry sweets. I would actually say this is like the Trinité Village equivalent to Lush's Snow Fairy. Basically the perfect accompaniment to any girly girls bath/shower. 

Have you ever tried anything from Trinite Village?