Monday, 2 February 2015


The other day I was just applying my makeup when I realised that I didn't actually own any really good eye brushes. I tended to just stick with a cheap ones that I've had for way too long. I've been obsessed with playing around with different eyeshadow looks at the moment so I thought it was time to invest in a good set. And of course, I had to go with Real Techniques since I'm so obsessed with their basic face brushes starter set!

The set comes with 5 brushes, a base shadow brush, a deluxe crease brush, an accent brush, a pixel point eye liner brush and a brow brush. I got the set for just £12.99 from Ebay which is insanely good for a set of 5 really high quality brushes. 

The brushes I have been using most are the base shadow brush to apply a foundation of eyeshadow and then the crease brush which I've found is amazing for adding a darker shade to the outer corner and crease of your eye. Smoky eye looks have never been so easy to create! I've found that the two smaller brushes are so good for if you want to line your eyes with a darker colour, or add a really light shade to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten them up a bit. I haven't really used the brow brush a lot as I find that because my eyebrows are so dark, if I fill them in they just look so crazy and over the top. Anyone else have this problem? For someone with paler eyebrows though, I reckon this would be amazing for filling in!

Have any of your got this brush set?.. What do you think of it?