Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Anyone who knows me well will know that I am the least likely person to ever book and go on a holiday on my own. I mean I'm such a home girl and I'm not very independent when it comes to travelling anywhere.. even just to the nearest city to do some shopping! Despite this, recently I have really cottoned on to the idea that I really want to go travelling. I study from home and my time is so flexible that I feel like I really need to make the most of this (and being young!) while I can!

I'm sure lots of you will already be aware of Trek America but they are basically a company that put together group tour holidays in America. You travel with a tour guide and a group of around 15 people so they are perfect if you're travelling alone. I'm just so so tempted to book one of their trips because they sound amazing! The one I've been looking at is just a 7 day one where you go to LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite and The Grand Canyon (The Westerner BLT). It sounds so incredible and I know it's only short but it would be a big thing for me!

I still can't bring myself to sort it all out just yet as the prospect of finding my own way round an airport and an 11 hour flight on my own is a bit scary.. but I know I need to just bite the bullet and do it! Life is too short to not just go for it sometimes!

Have any of you travelled alone/done a trip with Trek America?.. What was it like?