Thursday, 26 February 2015

W7 Palettes

I have recently been trying out some of the various W7 palettes. If you didn't know, W7 are a super inexpensive makeup brand. Their palettes are fairly obvious 'dupes' of the Naked Palettes. I thought I would let you know how well these palettes actually measure up. Here's what I thought..

'In The Nude' Palette

All the eyeshadows are nice and pigmented..I mean not beautifully buttery like the Naked Palettes, but enough that it's enjoyable/easy to apply. I always use an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow (the Makeup Revolution one which is really good by the way) which makes the eyeshadows in the palette look so vibrant and last so much longer. 

There is a lovely range of shades in the palette (which do all have names) - highlighting whites, rosy shimmers and a couple of dark greys. You can create some really pretty pinky Spring/Summer looks with this palette, but there's also the greys if you want to be a bit more dramatic and evening appropriate. 

'Naked Nudes' Palette

This palette is perfect for a super neutral everyday look. This wouldn't be the kind of palette I would use if I was going out for drinks or for a special occasion as there isn't really a statement dark shade to create a smoky eye or anything like that. The shades are nice but they do lack a bit of pigmentation meaning you really do have to layer it up. 

'In The Buff' Palette

The palette has the most lovely range of neutral shimmer and non shimmer shades. From pale whites (which could also be used as a highlight), shimmery browns/golds, silvers and dark black (perfect for a smoky eye). The range of shades makes it a super versatile palette that you can create so many looks from. The shadows are all nice and just as pigmented as the 'In The Nude' palette.

I've been pleased with all three palettes. All at under £5, I think the brand is brilliant value for money, especially when you can't face shelling out £38 for one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes.

Have you used any W7 products?