Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Sunglasses Season

It's getting to the time of year where sunglasses are needed (although it's still pretty cold and miserable in England) and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pair. There seems to be a lot of sunglasses trends at the moment.. circular frames, tortoise shell, cat eyes and of course just the general huge one's that make you look (and feel a bit) like a movie star.. everyone needs a pair of those. I guess it just comes down to what suits you the best really. I actually love it when it's acceptable to wear sunglasses because I just think they make you look more dressed up and 'put together' without having to put any effort in. It's also great how you don't need to think about wearing as much eye makeup, or just make up in general since they cover up a lot of your face. Just me?

What style of sunglasses are you loving at the moment?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Top Tips For Saving Money

I'm not going to lie, saving money is actually one of the things that I'm really good at. I'm just really not one of those people that could go out and blow all my money in one go. I  in a world of fashion and beauty bloggers I'm sure that's not the case for everyone! I would assume that most of you are guilty of spending too much...even I am from time to time. I thought I would share a few tips I use that seem to work pretty well for me when it comes to saving money.

Set budgets 
This may seem obvious but actually setting a certain amount that you allow yourself to spend each month is really helpful and just gives you a basic guideline to stick to. Obviously to help with this, taking note every time you buy anything (and make sure you write everything!) would help to make sure that you don't go over your budget and might make you realise how much money you spend on pointless things e.g. magazines, chocolate... 

Have list of things you want and a list of the things that you really need

As I just mentioned, I'm sure plenty of you are guilty when it comes to buying things that you don't really necessarily NEED. I find that it really helps to have two separate lists - one with the things that you just generally want to buy for sheer satisfaction, and another list of things you actually need. That way you can prioritise the things you need and maybe set aside the things you want. Just buy something as a treat every few weeks or so. I mean do you really need another pair of black skinny jeans when you already have 7...?

Have two bank accounts. One for savings and one where you put the money you want to spend

This works so well for me. I have a paypal account which is what I use to buy the majority of my stuff with and then I have two savings accounts which I never really use. One of them I don't even have a card for so it's difficult for me to use anyway! It's so good though because I always pay money into it and the savings just build up.

Think about the bigger/more expensive things you would love to be able to afford

If you're one of those people that spends your money as soon as you get it, you may find that you never actually manage to save up enough money to buy the bigger things you would love. Maybe it's a laptop, new phone, designer bag? If there's something that you want to save up for, it's really helpful and motivating to have a goal amount that you need to save up to (for me this is to save enough to do some travelling!).

Get a part time job

Obviously if you're already working full time this does not apply!.. but if you're at school/college/uni, having a part time job is a really good idea and a great way to make extra money. I'm very lucky in the fact that I live at a hotel my parents run so there's always evening work for me to do. Also a big plus if you're a waitress, waiter or work in a kitchen is tips! Obviously this can vary place to place but where I work, people tend to be generous with tips and I usually end up with around £30 a week extra. This ends up being the money that I use whenever I go shopping/out with friends.

I hope these tips are helpful! What's your top saving tip?

Monday, 23 March 2015


I thought I would join the bandwagon and create my own realistic drugstore starter kit! I would also like to emphasise the word 'realistic' as I've seen countless drugstore starter kit videos on Youtube that include so many unrealistic and expensive products.. kind of defeats the idea really! These are just basic and inexpensive products that I would recommend to anyone new to makeup or just wanting to try some new products that aren't going to break the bank. I pretty much use all of these for my everyday makeup look but I do mix in a few high end products here and there.

Primer | Nivea Hydrating Primer
Foundation | L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
Concealer | L'Oreal true match concealer
Bronzer | Soap & Glory Solar Powder
Blush | Soap & Glory Peach Party
Highlighter | L'Oreal Lumi Magique
Eye Primer | Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix
Eyeshadow | W7 Naked Nudes palette
Eye Liner | Collection Black Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Liner | Soap & Glory Supercat Liner
Mascara | Maybelline False Lash Effect
Brushes | Real Techniques Basics and Eyes Enhanced Set
Lipstick | Rimmel London Nude Delight
Lip Balm | Vaseline Cocoa

Have you used any of these products?

Friday, 13 March 2015


So the other day I was just catching up on some blogs (as usual) and I came across a post on the blog - All That Shimmers about the stuff she uses for blogging. One of them was her white Ikea Lack table which was only £5. Yes ONLY £5! I've been on the hunt for a white table to help me improve my blog photo's for ages but I only managed to find ones that were super expensive. Why had I not come across Ikea Lack tables before?! I mean is this a thing that every blogger already knew about?!

So obviously I had to make a purchase. Unfortunately I don't live near an Ikea which meant I had to order it online. The postage actually cost more than the table (£9 - meh) but still.. £14 for a decent size white table is not bad at all!

I've been taking lots of photos on it and they are coming out SO much better than my usual photos. I mean I'm still not good at photography at all (something I reeeeally want to improve on - any photography tips would be much appreciated!) but the perfect white background really makes an amazing difference.

Do any of you have an Ikea Lack table?

Thursday, 12 March 2015


One of the the colour trends that has been in for a while now is rose gold. I absolutely love rose gold and it's definitely my fave compared with regular gold and silver. The gold-ness makes it classy, but then the pink tone gives it that girly vibe which I'm all about!

I think one of my main 'heart eyes, need this in my life' things at the moment is the limited edition rose gold GHD hair straighteners. They are beautiful! Plus I've had my current GHD's for around 8 years (crazy I know) so I think I'm due a new set! 

I love the smaller accessories like earrings and bracelets as they kind of just add that pop of rose gold which goes perfectly with monochrome. A chunky rose gold watch and monochrome are a match made in heaven too. 

Lastly, not fashion related but rose gold and copper homeware is becoming a big deal. I think I first cottoned onto it when Zoella did a homeware haul and most of it had some kind of copper thing going on. I think it's such a perfect colour for homeware as it adds that cosy, shabby chic kind of look.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Since starting my own blog, I have received the occasional message from people saying that they're thinking of starting a blog but they're a bit scared. Or that they want to start a blog but they're not really sure how it works/how to do it. I thought I would put together a little post that I could refer people to if they need a bit of help/advice on the whole blogging thing!

My first bit of advice would be that if you want to start a blog but you're a bit worried/not sure, you should definitely just GO FOR IT. You honestly have nothing to lose. You could make it, realise it's not your thing and delete it. OR you might discover a hobby that you love and that you want to invest a lot of your time into. 

What if people I know find out?
Some people get quite worried about people they know finding it and what they might think. This is completely understandable as you never know how people are going to react or if they're going to think it's a bit odd. If this is what's holding you back, maybe just start out with your blog being anonymous. Don't display your name anywhere and only include photos that don't give your identity away e.g. outfit posts only including pictures of the actual outfit rather than your face. Over time you may get more confident with it and feel for uncomfortable with sharing your name and pictures of yourself.

But how do I actually start a blog?
Creating a blog is super easy. You can either make it on blogger.com which is what I did, or you can use WordPress which a lot of other bloggers use too. You should spend a bit of time thinking about what you want your blog name to be. After all, it might be something that you are using for years so make sure it's quite simple, catchy and something you won't grow out of. 

how do I design my blog?
Designing your blog and your layout is where it gets a bit tricker. When I first started blogging I just opted for a free layout and then created a banner on paint. At the time I thought it was so good but looking back it was terrible! I'm so so bad at technical and html stuff! After I really got into blogging I decided to buy a template from Etsy.com for around £15. There are SO many pretty ones to choose from and it's an easy way of making your blog look professional without you having to do any of the complicated stuff.

How do I get followers?
I know the number of followers you have really shouldn't matter as blogging is just a fun hobby (for most). I still think that it's great when you start building a following as you start to get more interaction and maybe even make a few blogging friends. Making sure that your blog is on Bloglovin' is important as this is what most people use to follow other blogs and to catch up on latest posts. To be honest I didn't really understand bloglovin' at first and found it all a bit confusing. You'll suss it out quickly though! Once you've done this, start reading lots of other blogs and when you leave comments make sure you leave your blog link so people can find your blog easily (You'll also gain lots of inspo from reading others too). Interaction is key! Also make sure you utilise social media as much as possible as it is fundamentally free advertising! Put your blog link in your Instagram and Twitter bio and tweet about your latest posts with hashtags: #FBloggers #BBloggers #LBloggers.

I really hope this was helpful for anyone thinking of starting a blog. Make sure you leave your blog links below so I can check them out - I always love finding new blogs to read!

Monday, 9 March 2015


One of the reasons I love Topshop so much is because of the petite range. They make so many of their 'regular' range clothes in the petite range now, so there's always something that is going to be the right length and not look silly! I mean buying dresses from shops like Urban Outfitters, H&M etc is a complete no go for me! Here's a little wish list of some of the things I've been liking the look of...

1 | Petite Aztec Jacquard Tee | £25 | I love the intricate design but it's still monochrome so nothing too statement.

2 | Petite Bloom Print Cigarette Trousers | £42 | I never normally wear trousers (except for skinny jeans) but I absolutely love these and think they would look so sophisticated with a plain black top or something like that.

3 | Petite 3D Lace Mini Skirt | £38 | Just a simple black skirt that will go with pretty much everything and can be dressed up or down.

4 | Petite Jacquard Overlay Dress | £47 | I absolutely love the overlay style of this and again, I think the jacquard design looks so pretty.

5 | Petite Slouchy Neck Ribbed Jumper | £36 | Just a simple white jumper. I don't have many white clothes but I think it's such a nice colour to wear.

6 | Petite Crepe Mini Skirt | £45 | I am still yet to find another shop that makes skirts as flattering as Topshop. I love how the skirt flares out but is still quite fitted at the same time. The zip adds a little extra something too.

7 | Petite Textured Lace Pelmet Skirt | £36 | Another black lace skirt. Sorry not sorry.

What's your favourite thing that I've picked out?

Sunday, 8 March 2015


A few weeks ago I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time. Before that my eyebrows were basically beasts that needed some serious taming. Anyway I decided enough was enough and I needed some eyebrow game going on in my life. 

I was just shopping with my family and came across one of those eyebrow threading stall things that you always seem to see in the middle of shopping centres. A perfect opportunity to get it done! Anyway, what did I think? I'm not even kidding but I don't think my eyebrows have ever looked so neat and defined. I'm so impressed with how they turned out and it literally only cost £4 which is freaking amazing!

I think something that does need to be pointed out is the pain. I know a few people who had it done before me and they had sort of built it up in my head that I was going to be in unbearable agony. Because of that, I kind of prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't that bad. It mean it was quite painful but nothing I could't bear to go through again. I don't know, maybe I just have a high pain threshold?! 

As soon as my eyebrows revert back to the beasts they once were, I will definitely be heading back to get them threaded again. If you've never had it done before I would definitely recommend it. It's so much easier and effective than plucking. Not to mention it's better for the skin than waxing as the hairs are pulled from the root and grow back finer rather than thicker.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Fun fact - around a year ish year ago I would never have had a major beauty wish list. I mean I loved wearing makeup but I was never interested in buying more than the few basic products that I wore every day. It was all about clothes. Now it's a completely different story! I don't know whether it's just me or because I've started spending most of my life reading beauty blogs/watching beauty gurus. On second thought, it's without a doubt the latter! You are all such a bad influence on me! ;) There are SO many products that I want. I mean I could probably name about 10 different foundations that I would love to try which is silly because I mean, who needs 10 foundations?! 

I've just put together a little (ish) list of some beauty things that I seriously want to try. You can probably tell I am more than ready for pretty pastel Spring nail polishes. I always think Essie has the nicest range of shades, although I've never actually tried any! I'm also dying to try out a lot of Nars products * heart eyes *. Why must they be so expensive * sobs *. 

NARS Santa Fe All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation
NARS Lipstick in Liguria
Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette
EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm
Women's Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker Shampoo (I bet this smells AMAZING)
Butter London Nail Laqueur in Baby Blue
Essie 'Bond with Whomever' (purple) Nail Laqueur
Essie 'Just Stitched' (pink) Nail Laqueur
Essie Cashmere Collection Nail Laqueur 

Have you got any of these products? What do you think of them?