Friday, 15 May 2015

The Breakout Saver

Despite eating really healthy at the moment (lots & LOTS of smoothies and fruit) my skin has been breaking out big time. You may have seen I was sent a whole bunch of Witch products to use and one of which - the Witch blemish stick, I used to use a few years ago. I completely forgot how good it was at getting rid of spots. I honestly have no idea why I ever stopped using it??

I admit that the product does not smell very nice. It smells very chemical-y and strong but I'm not really surprised since it works wonders. I've just been applying it all over the spotty areas of my face before I go to sleep (that way it's not going to wear off as easily and you're not going to want to put makeup on top of it). It stings a little when you put it on which I kind of like because it feels like it's really working. After a few days of using it, my skin looked so much clearer. Still not perfect, but definitely clearer. 

What's your favourite product for clearing up breakouts?

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