Saturday, 27 June 2015

Avon Makeup Setting Spray

One of my Mum's friends has recently become one of those Avon sales representatives which means every few weeks we get an Avon catalogue delivered. I'd never really tried anything from Avon before but it's super cheap so I thought I would try out a few things. The makeup setting spray appealed to me as I've never actually tried a setting spray product. I always have trouble with staying power when it comes to makeup. Some people can maintain a nice face of makeup all day but unfortunately I am not one of those lucky people. My face just doesn't seem to hold it very well? It either dry's out (dry skin probs) or goes patchy and just looks generally bad.

So did the setting spray help?...

First of all, because it's a spray it obviously adds a bit of instant hydration to the face which is beneficial for my skin. In terms of staying power, I was impressed with how my makeup didn't go as dried out or patchy as it normally does. It definitely didn't stay immaculate all day.. but it did just sort of wear off in a more low maintenance way (normally I have to remove it, moisturise and re-apply). To be honest, the days when I have used this product haven't been very hectic and I'm not sure how well it would work on a hectic and busy, long day out.

This product didn't completely amaze me but it's definitely a helping hand when it comes to makeup maintenance and keeping my skin looking nice throughout the day. I will definitely be trying setting sprays from some different brands just to see how they compare.

Do you use makeup setting spray? What brand do you use?