Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Asarii Chocolate Mud Mask

Another week, another face mask! This time I was sent a tub of the Asarii Chocolate Mud Mask. I hadn't previously heard of Asarii but they are a UK health and beauty company committed to creating the highest quality skincare products from healthy ingredients. The face masks use pure and natural clays which are packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish and cleanse the skin. 

Can I just start of my saying..oh em gee this stuff smells SO good! Just imagine a mix of chocolatey milkshake and ice cream goodness. I wanted to eat it, never mind put it on my face! A product that smells good is always a winner for me. There's nothing worse than a chemical-y smelling product.. even if it works pretty well. I recently decided that my reviews can get a bit jumbled and I often forget to include things so I think I'm going to start doing 'pro's and con's' lists to make it a bit clearer. Here's what I thought of the mask:

- It smells amazing
- It comes in a handy tub
- You only need a little each time so you can get a lot of uses out of it
- It's not tested on Animals and vegan friendly
- It's made with natural cocoa beans and ingredients
- It contains little gritty pieces that are really exfoliating 
- It dries quickly on the skin 
- It left my skin soft and feeling very refreshed
- It came with a little 'You Are Beautiful' card. Always love the spreading of positivity. 

- The product splits a little bit leaving a brown liquid in the bottom. This can leak from the tub if it knocks over - you just have to mix it in before using. (I guess this is just a result of not containing 'bad' ingredients to stop it splitting)
- It's quite messy to use. I ended up getting brown marks all over my sink which meant a bit of cleaning up after - this tends to happen with all face masks though!
- Although it made my skin soft, I didn't really notice that I started getting less spots/pimples. Maybe if I use it frequently, over time I will start to notice a difference?

Overall, I like the product a lot and it's definitely something I will be using whenever I fancy some relaxing pamper time. I think the delicious smell makes it that bit more enjoyable to use than other face masks. I also think it's great to support smaller independent brands.. especially when they are so committed to using good ingredients to create high quality products.

* Gifted Item*