Thursday, 30 July 2015

Nars Narsissist Palette

As a 'beauty blogger' it's probably a bit of a crime that I only recently have tried out my first Nars product! Yep.. I don't know why it's taken me this long! 

I got the NARS NARSissist Blush, Contour & Lip Palette. I think this was a great Nars product to start out with as it includes a few different things.. the Laguna bronzer, highlighting blush powder, blush in Encapture, blush in Roman Holiday, blush in Enthralled and a mini lip gloss. The blushers are on the top layer and then you lift the tray up to reveal the bronzer and highlighter. It's such a handy little palette and I like how the palette itself is a mirror (as I'm typing this I have only just realised that it's a mirror because it's the 'Narsissist' palette.. was that really obvious? yep it probably was.. oh well. I think it's clever). 

I don't normally wear blush any more as I tend to get a bit worried that I'm going to put too much on. I tried all three out and was actually really impressed with how natural the shades look and how they just subtle-y add a bit of colour without giving you OTT rosy cheeks. I find cheaper blushers can be way too pigmented (which is probably why I've never really liked wearing blush) but after trying out the higher end Nars variety, I see why people love to wear it!

Next up the bronzer and highlighter! I love a subtle contour as I think my face lacks shape and it sort of gives it a bit of structure. After hearing all good things about the Laguna bronzer, this was probably the thing I was most excited about trying out from the palette. I really liked it but in all honesty I don't think it's any better than my go-to bronzer, Soap & Glory Solar powder (which I LOVE but Solar Powder is a lot cheaper so I thought it would be better). Similarly, I thought the highlighter was really good, but it didn't completely blow me away! Together they do make a really nice contour though.

The lipgloss is just like your typical lip gloss with a slight pinky tone which I really like. It's the kind of gloss that I think looks so nice layered on top of a nude lipstick. It doesn't stay on very long.. but what lip gloss actually does??

Have any of your tried this palette? What's your favourite NARS product?