Thursday, 20 August 2015

Autumn Vibes At Topshop | Capsule Wardrobe Goals

Even though it's still August and we still have a fair chunk of Summer left, I'm already feeling those Autumnal vibes. English weather never gets that warm anyway! I can't wait to be able to wear my thick coat, jumpers and boots again. Not to mention all the dark colours and plum lipsticks! eeee plum lipstick. Why am I this excited about lipstick?

I have recently had a major sort out of my wardrobe as I had somehow managed to build up a hoard of things that i'm nev-er going to wear...(acid wash denim hot pants anyone?.. didn't think so). I probably have about 4 outfits in total that I actually like wearing *queue shopping spree*.

I'm hoping that the change of season will mean lots more clothes that I like. I've already noticed that Topshop have definitely got more 'me' kinda clothes at the moment (and the cutest pizza iPhone case) so I may have to have a little splurge and see what I think. I dream of having the perfect capsule wardrobe of monochrome clothes that I can mix and match with. Something along the lines of the wardrobe below. #WardrobeGoals.

Are you a capsule wardrobe kind of person or more of a giant-hoarder-wardrobe kind of person?