Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Essence Haul + Product Opinions

The lovely people from Flipside PR were sweet enough to send me an amazing haul of Essence products. If you didn't know, Essence are an incredibly inexpensive cosmetics brand. They are definitely mainly aimed towards a younger audience but I've tried a fair few of their products before and have found some of them to be pretty good.

The products that I'm most impressed with are the eyeshadow palettes. I was sent an 'All About The Roses' palette which contains pink and grey tones, and an 'All About The Greys' palette which contains greys (obviously), blues and white/cream. The eyeshadows are really pigmented and I love the range of shades in each palette. 

I was sent four lip products in total. I have to say, I wasn't very impressed with the lipstick (top right). At first glance, it seemed like the perfect pinky nude shade but I soon discovered that the colour didn't really show up on my lips no matter how much I layered. 

On the other hand, the two lip balms (Essence mini sheer lip balm and 'kiss care love' lip balm') smell amazing and I love how they add colour to your lips while keeping them moisturised. I was also quite impressed with the staying power of the liquid lipstick (the one in the middle). The glossiness does wear away quite quickly, but the colour doesn't budge for a good while. 

They did send me some individual lashes and glue.. now I'm someone that can't even apply regular false lashes, so I haven't even attempted these yet. If someone could give me some tips on applying false lashes that would be much appreciated! They also sent me a 'mini lipgloss set' which looks exactly like the kind of makeup I used to get excited about when I was about 11! I'm definitely going to pass this on to my little cousin!

Blush is something I use very sparingly as I'm always cautious of overdoing it. I found the Essence 'matt touch blush' to be perfect for just adding a slight warmness and pop of colour to the cheeks. I definitely think blush is one of those products that you don't have to spend a lot of money on.

I was sent three face products; the Pure Nude foundation, Pure Nude concealer stick and Pure Nude Camouflage concealer. The foundation is very light and definitely more like a bb cream consistency. Not so good for full coverage, but perfect for good skin days when you just want to even up your skin tone. I found the two concealer products very similar - both okay for covering up subtle blemishes before applying foundation on the top. The consistency was a bit too thick and means you really have to make sure it's blended to avoid the caked look. 

The Multi-Action mascara was no different to your regular inexpensive mascara. I find that it does work well eventually, but you just have to be patient and layer it to get the fuller eyelashes effect. 

The nail polishes are something I feel are very much a 'miss' product. I was sent three - a pale powder pink, black and a metallic pink. The powder pink colour barely showed any colour when I painted it on and despite the metallic pink and black looking pretty good, it chipped waaay to easily for my liking. 

The last product was something that I had never seen before - a black tattoo liner pen. It's basically a black nail art pen (that looks a bit like a liquid liner) which makes it easier to create cute nail art designs. I really like the idea of it and it looked great when I added lines/dots to my nails.. however it seems to come off after a few hours. I think next time I use it, I will definitely add a thick top coat to stop it from coming off so easily. 

And that's everything! Overall I was quite pleasantly surprised by some of the products and will definitely continue to use them. Some of them were very disappointing but when they are that inexpensive and targeted at a young audience, it's no surprise that they weren't amazing!

Do you use any Essence products?

* All products were gifted *