Thursday, 10 September 2015

Reasons Why Autumn Is Really Great

There's something about the transition from Summer to Autumn that I find so pleasing. Even though I'm one of those people that is cold pretty much ALL the time, I still much prefer it to Summer. Here's why...

More cosy evenings spent watching rom com's with copious amounts of delicious food.

The Autumn/Winter drinks come back. I mean who can resist a pumpkin spice latté? Or a gingerbread latté? Give me ALL the Autumn/Winter drinks please and thank you. 

Super long, relaxing bubble baths. Baths are so much nicer when you know that it's freezing cold outside. Am I right? I am right. 

It's not ridiculously cold, but it's not hot either. 

Coats, boots, jumpers and dark colours (clothes always look better in black) A/W fashion is the BEST!

Cool things come back on TV e.g. X Factor which also means that Christmas is coming!.. (how young do 1D look?!!!)

Plum lipsticks and dark nail polish are BACK (not that you can't wear them all year round).

Halloween and bonfire night.

Blankets and thick fuzzy socks and hot chocolates.

Goodbye salads. Hello hearty comfort foods * heart eye emoji *.

Walking on crunchy leaves - one of my favourite sounds ever!

Autumnal candle scents. Yes, PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE scented candles exist. 

And that is why I LOVE Autumn.

What's your favourite season and why?