Thursday, 17 September 2015

Yves Rocher Hair Vinegar

The last time I checked, vinegar was something that people put on their chips (except I don't because ew) Well as it turns out, hair vinegar exists and it's pretty good for making your hair nice and pretty! I've been using the Yves Rocher rinsing vinegar for a while now and I've noticed a few hair benefits.

The product is just a pink coloured, raspberry scented liquid (it actually doesn't smell of vinegar at all thank goodness). Since it's a 'rinsing' vinegar, I just sploosh a bit throughout my hair before rinsing out my conditioner. I do wish the bottle had a bit more direction about how you're supposed to apply it and for how long... but I kind of just had to guess - it seems to work anyway though so it's all good. 

The dispenser is very small which is good.. otherwise I'm pretty sure it would just all end up pouring out in one go. I only use a little each time so the product has actually lasted for quite a while now. However I'm sure if you wanted more of a deep clean/hair mask effect, you could use a third/half of the bottle in one go. 

After using this and then blow drying, I always find that my hair feels slightly softer and looks shinier than usual. It's not so good for when I want to curl my hair as the curls don't tend to stay in as long, but for when I'm just leaving my hair natural, it makes it look so much healthier and minimises the little frizzy bits I get in my hair. 

The product contains 98% completely natural ingredients and is silicone free meaning that it's much better for your hair and prevents product build up. I also think it just feels nicer to use a more natural product on my hair and give it a break from chemical-y ones. 

Have any of you used this or any other Yves Rocher hair products?