Thursday, 1 October 2015

A/W At Zara

I have to say, I don't think I've ever bought anything in Zara! (not that I can remember anyway). That may be surprising to some but It's only actually recently that I had a good look on their website and discovered what I've been missing out on. They have the most amazing range of basics and mimial clothes.. very 'me' kind of clothes basically!

I picked out some of my favourite things from the website but obviously there are a whole load more and about 6 coats which are £80+ each * sighs *. As it is now October (the 1st always reminds me of 'Hello October'.. anyone else?), I am guessing that a lot of you have been trying to hunt down the perfect Winter coat. If you are, I would definitely recommend Zara as they have such a huge range and all of them are very classic and simple - so very much an investment piece rather than something you wear one year and buy a new one the next. 

I am loving the cape/blanket wrap trend at the moment. Partly because I'm always cold, partly because I think they look stylish and effortless.. and party because they cover you up which is good for those days when I'm feeling a bit self concious (basically every day) (meh). 

What shops have you been liking at the moment?