Sunday, 20 December 2015

'I Just Love It' Personalised Gifts

The lovely brand 'I Just Love It' contacted me and asked me if I would like to pick a few things from their shop. 'I Just Love It' is an online gift shop that specialise in personalised gifts for all occasions. Being someone that is pretty useless at thinking of the perfect presents for people, I of course couldn't say no!

The website has SO much choice but in the end I opted for; An LED wall letter, a personalised music player and a Monopoly themed water bottle. I picked these things because they seemed a bit different to the 'typical gift' and I thought certain members of my family would really like them. I'm not keen on buying people those kind of 'pointless' presents with no real use, so I thought these would be nice and and a more thoughtful thing to give to someone. 

LED Letter Wall Light (£24.99)
I was really impressed with the quality of this. I find with this kind of thing there is always the worry that it might look a bit tacky, but the quality is so nice and it definitely is something that adds a bit of 'stylishness' to a minimal living room. The actual light is made of metal with a kind of rust effect which looks really authentic and I think would go perfectly in a room with lots of rose gold. It is actually bigger than I expected it to be which I think is really good for the price. As you can see, I got mine in the letter 'F' as I'm going to give it to my Dad for Christmas (Franck). 

Personalised Children's Music Player (£39.99)
Okay so this is definitely my favourite thing out of the three things. I chose this for my little four year old cousin and I just know she is going to love it! It's basically a music player that has 12 songs built in and each song is personalised with my cousin's name (Nina).. how cute! It also includes a night light, story teller, 2gb of memory to store your own songs and the option to plug it into your laptop/computer to play music. Not to mention.. IT'S SO DAMN CUTE! Definitely a perfect present for a little one.

Monopoly Water Bottle (£9.99)
This is a smaller gift that I'm giving to my younger sister as she always needs a water bottle for school. I thought she'd like it because it's a bit different and we play Monopoly quite a lot as a family so it seemed fairly fitting.

And that's everything! Overall I'm very impressed with the things I chose. The quality is great and I can't wait to see people's faces when they open their presents.. especially my little cousin! I will also just mention that the delivery was super quick which is always good for last minute present buying.. or if you're just as inpatient as me.

I definitely recommend 'I Just Love It' for if you can't think what to get for someone and you want to get something that seems more thoughtful and personal! There's definitely something for everyone.

Where do you shop for presents when you're all out of ideas?