Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cutter & Squidge, Soho

Alas, I have another coffee place post! 

Just like Timberyard, I went to Cutter & Squidge when I was staying with my pal, Vicky in London. I'd say it's a very 'blogger styled' cafe - all white with lots of colourful decor. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a long counter displaying the most incredible cakes. All perfectly iced, layered and decorated. SO MUCH YUM.

It was super busy which wasn't really surprising since it was a Saturday and clearly a popular place. We thought there was no free tables at first but we managed to find one - A major phew moment as I was super excited to try the coffee and cake here. 

I chose the chocolate chip dream cake and a salted caramel latte - 10 points to them for having salted caramel syrup mmmMMmm. I believe Vicky chose the Eton mess cake (or something pink and fruity anyway) and a matcha latte. I'd been curious about matcha latté's but Vicky let me try some of hers and I soon discovered they are not to my liking at all. Legit gross (no offence V). Matcha tastes like seafood to me but apparently that's a common thing? Oh well, at least it made my insta pic look prettier.. 

My cake was super yum but at the same time it was just sort of your standard super yummy chocolate cake. Nothing majorly ground breaking. It wasn't dry in the slightest which is something that can definitely make or break a cake - rhymes for daaaaaays. For someone that loves all sweet treats to be super indulgent, I actually found the icing was a bit light. After reading the website, this makes complete sense. The place is actually kind of health conscious and it says they aim to keep fat and sugar to a minimum in all of their products. In my opinion, I think if you're going to eat cake then you may as well go all out. No? I just think that if you're a super health conscious person then you're more likely to not eat cake at all or eat cake made with all clean ingredients.. so quite a niche market? But yeah, I guess it's cool to try and be a bit healthier. 

I'll stop ranting about that now. 

I tried a bite of Vicky's cake which was also lovely and had such a strong fruity flavour to it. Not surprising since they use actual real fruit in the cake and icing!

The salted caramel latté was soooO good. Perfect coffee strength, just the right amount of salted caramel. Perfection.

The coffee and cake came to around £9 something which is pretty expensive, but hey, it's London and a cute, perfect little blogger joint.. so totes worth it. No but seriously, despite it not being out of this world amazing, the cake was still tasty, the coffee was perfect and the atmosphere was very lovely.