Friday, 30 December 2016

My new year resolution/goal type things

GUYS, where did 2016 go? I'm also kind of scared at how fast my birthday (in March) is coming back round again. I'm not really feeling being 21 TBH.

I talked about all my highlights of 2016 here and thought I would do a separate post for my goals for 2017. I say 'goals' as I think resolutions are a bit meh and who even sticks to them anyway? 

Career career career
Towards the end of this year I feel like I've suddenly become so much more motivated *touches wood*. Starting my digital marketing internship has made me realise how much I want to do well career-wise and how I really need to step up my game. My internship finishes at the end of February and after that, a goal of mine is to get a paid job in digital marketing. I think it's going to be a difficult process as its competitive and let's face it, there'll always be someone that has more experience and expertise than me. Wow I'm pessimistic.. but yes, that is something I plan on doing and I know I'll be able to do it if I put the effort in. yes you work that optimism Rach
Alongside my job, I obviously plan on continuing my degree and working extra hard on it. I say this all the time, but I am going to put more effort into assignments and tasks. I've actually already been doing this for the past few months and its amazing what a difference a little more effort can make. I aim to achieve at least a second - this is where I kind of hate myself because I know a first is achievable for me, but would just require a LOT of motivation.. where can I buy motivation?

Take more pictures & SLAY Insta
As you might already know, I got an Olympus Pen for Christmas - GOD BLESS MY PARENTS. I really want to start taking more pictures and obviously continue slaying on my instagram (@r_achelmarie). 

Those are my goals! Would love to hear what yours are in the comments.