Monday, 2 January 2017

An instagrammable breakfast

Ya girl made one of those pretentious blogger-esque breakfasts. 

I'm not really one for fancy breakfasts but every so often I'm like hey, I might put some effort into making something healthy.. and pretty.. totally not just for the instagram picture or anything.. 

I found a recipe for vanilla baked oats which I thought sounded so yum (and I was right). So here is the recipe and I think you should all try it and eat it for breakfast tomorrow morning and then tell me what you think. K. Enjoy.

Ingredients you will need

30g-50g oats - depending on how hungry you are
Some form of milk (I used oat milk). You need just enough to cover the oats
Half a teaspoon of vanilla essence
3 teaspoons of sugar
Half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
A mixture of cool toppings - I used raspberry coulis, chia seeds and hazelnuts

How to make

First of all you need to soak your oats over night. Yes it requires a bit of pre planning but trust me, so worth it. Literally just put your oats, milk, vanilla essence and sugar into a bowl, mix it all up, cover with cling film and then put into the fridge. Easy.

In the morning you need to mix in the bicarb and then shove into the oven at 180 degree celsius for 35 minutes. Yes it takes a while and is definitely not a get up and go breakfast - just making the most of being a student that only works 2 days a week :)

The oats should rise a bit and go a nice golden brown colour - almost looks like a cake! I then just arranged my toppings in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, took my ever so important instagram pics and then devoured. The vanilla flavour is so yum and the bicarb gives it an almost cakey texture. ALL THE YUM.