Monday, 9 January 2017

Getting an internship

So I landed myself a digital marketing internship - woop woop.

I thought I would write a post just to give advice to anyone who wants to work in the marketing field or find themselves an internship or whatever really.. this probably won't be mega helpful. 

So basically my aim is to work in digital marketing (if you haven't already guessed) and after looking at job options, it seemed pretty clear that I needed to get myself some experience. I swear experience is so difficult to get when every job REQUIRES experience. Even a lot of unpaid internships state that experience is desirable.. I mean, seriously? Thankfully I've had some marketing experience working for my parents and of course, my blog! I've kind of just accepted the fact that I'm going to have to work on an unpaid basis in order to get where I want to be. So it's basically an investment in my future anyway.

Location is a big thing when it comes to getting experience. If you live in a big city you're probably sorted as there will be plenty of marketing opportunities. I live in the middle of nowhere and my nearest city is Darlington.. which let's just say isn't exactly the most opportunity laden city. There's lots of marketing agencies in Darlington so I emailed all of them and asked if they offered any work experience opportunities. Annoyingly all of them said no or just didn't reply.. which is understandable since they probably don't have the time to basically train a new member of staff and all the planning that would involve. 

I ended up looking for internships which are SO hard to find in the North. Honestly, I'm so jealous of people that live in London because internships are everywhere - although there is more competition so swings and roundabouts. The nearest internships that I could find were in Leeds which is basically a 2 hour commute from where I live. The commute costs a lot but I get part of the commute expenses paid which is very helpful.

Something else worth considering is the actual company you're working for. When applying for marketing opportunities, I found myself applying to so many that I wasn't even aware of what the companies exactly were. Since starting my internship for a brand that I love, I've realised how important it is to be working for a business that I'm actually interested in. I mean it's hard to be creative and motivated to work towards marketing something you're not really that interested in. 

Lastly, something that I think would be beneficial (and that I haven't actually done yet) would be to complete some form of online digital marketing course. Obviously you can research a lot of the skills and techniques free of charge, but I think a course would lay it all out in a much clearer way. Skills like SEO, SEM, Google Analytics (and lots of others) are things that employers ask for and if you're able to demonstrate them it will most definitely make you a more attractive candidate. A digital marketing course is definitely something I am thinking about doing this year.

At the end of Feb when I finish my internship, I'll definitely do a little update post on my experience of working in a digital marketing role.