Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Spring Espresso, York

I did my favourite pastime again. Got coffee. This time at Spring Espresso in York which is a cute little cafe on Fossgate. 

Unfortunately they don't have any coffee syrups so I ordered a plain latte but it turns out the amazing coffee made up for the lack of syrup. V v v v good coffee. My friend ordered an Americano (I know how boring) and a caramel shortbread which he let me try some of and oh my goodness, unreal. Hands down the best caramel shortbread I've tasted. They had so many other amazing looking cakes/biscuits but I'm trying to be healthy.. definitely didn't end up eating a McDonalds later on that day.. 

They also do the most beautiful latte art except that it can only properly be seen in the first photo as this was before I decided to drag my coat sleeve through my coffee :) I'm great :).