Sunday, 19 February 2017

I'm a brand ambassador & social media person! (for Mangobean)

I have a new and exciting announcement. Well probably not mega exciting for you.. but for me, very cool. As the title sums up, I'm going to be running the social media accounts for Mangobean in Darlington as well as being a brand ambassador. 

Happy days.

But really very happy days. Mangobean is definitely one of my absolute favourite places to go for coffee. Not only is the coffee extremely good (we're talking super smooth with no bitterness or weird after taste at all mmmMMMmm) but they also have every coffee syrup you could possibly imagine, they sell WAFFLES (with all different toppings), healthy smoothies, cakes, coffee cocktails and frappé's. Oh and they also stay open until 9pm which is so fab because there's not enough coffee places where you can get your fix in the evening.

I'm really excited to theme the Instagram and immerse myself in all things coffee! It would be much appreciated if you guys would give @mangobeandarlo a follow on Instagram and Twitter, as well as liking the Facebook page - then you guys will get to see all the stuff I'm posting which you really don't want to miss out on ;)