Thursday, 27 April 2017

I got offered my dream job!

As you can probably tell by the title, I got offered my dream job!

Starting from the 8th May, I'm going to be Sales and Event Coordinator for the Slug and Lettuce at York Riverside. You have no idea how excited and happy I am about it. 

And what does the job entail you ask? Well I'm going to be organising events, working to meet sales targets, driving PR campaigns, developing and maintaining relationships with customers, doing social media marketing stuff, attending networking events and lots of other cool things.

I love how the job is going to involve doing a range of different things rather than just focusing on Marketing. My original plan was to focus entirely on Marketing but recently i've been questioning if that's exactly what I want to do. Yes I'm one of those people who can't make my mind up and is ALWAYS changing my mind, but hey, this job fits in with that perfectly. I was even told in the interview that I would have the opportunity to go into different areas of the company and work my way up. Everything seems to have worked out so well. All the happy!

Also can I just mention that I had to go through two interviews and create a sales plan to get this job. I MEAN not to brag or anything but I'm genuinely really proud of myself because interview situations are not usually my strong point * queue applause *. 

It's really great that I get to work somewhere that I genuinely love. It's one of my fave places to go for nice food and fancy drinks. 

To celebrate my job offer, what better way than to celebrate with food and cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce itself?! I couldn't decide between two cocktails so I got both. Treat yoself. 

Strawberry Daiquiri and strawberry Mojito. Bliss. 

I also ordered the grilled chicken and avocado wrap with sweet potato fries. It was DELICIOUS. Let's face it, avocado makes everything good. 

Within a week I have moved to my favourite place and got offered my absolute ideal job. I probably should have listened to my Mum when I was stressing about being a failure and she said everything would be okay. Lol. 

Also shoutout to my wonderful boyfriend as without him I actually don't think I would have  been brave enough to move to York in the first place. You're pretty cool Joey.